Declutter 365 Premium Facebook Group 2022 Subscription

Declutter 365 Premium Facebook Group 2022 Membership

A membership to the exclusive and private Declutter 365 Premium Facebook Group, where you will work through the daily Declutter 365 missions to get your home clutter free, through December 31, 2022.

As part of your membership in the group you will receive:

* A post about that day's mission, as well as a link to any article related to the topic from the website

* A weekly live video chat from Taylor Flanery, where she will provide more guidance, and you can ask questions or bring up issues you need help with about that week's missions (and there is a replay available if you miss the live version)

* A closed group where only members can see what you're saying or posting, which can allow you to feel more comfortable sharing your triumphs and setbacks

* The ability to start your own posts and ask questions not only of Taylor, but from the whole group, to allow a community of like-minded supportive participants of the Declutter 365 plan to help and support one another.

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